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 The NEST Program

*Nurturing *Empowering *Supporting for *Tomorrow

The Georgetown Project opened The NEST in 2011 as an outreach to Georgetown ISD teens in 9th-12thgrade that were homeless or living in transition. Fifty local high school students were served in the first year with basic needs and many other supports that helped them stay in school, graduate, and move toward a positive future. While this after school drop-in center was successful, the dream had always been to offer overnight shelter for youth in Georgetown.  In October of 2013, The Georgetown Project expanded The NEST services by opening the first overnight shelter for youth living in transition.  The NEST Program now includes The NEST Host Home, an overnight safe haven for youth living in transition, and The NEST Empowerment Center, an after school safe haven for all Georgetown ISD high school teens who are in need of free resources.

Update:  All overnight care is being referred to STARRY at this time 1-800-440-9789 or 512-388-8290.  The NEST Host Home offers overnight care for Georgetown youth ages 0-17 for up to 45 days at a time. The Georgetown Project collaborates with STARRY in this unique host home project. STARRY, part of the Children at Heart Family of Ministries, operates the SAFE Runaway and Homeless Program in Round Rock, in addition to established Foster Care and Counseling programs. STARRY has experience in sheltering youth, in licensing foster and host home families, and is a licensed child placement agency.  Children and youth placed in the home will experience the comprehensive support services offered by both organizations and from host parents who reside in the home.  

The NEST Empowerment Center offers a safe haven after school for Georgetown ISD high school teens who are in need of FREE resources such as evening meals, a quiet place for homework and rest, access to computers, school supplies, daily homework help, test prep, counseling, job readiness training, college prep and other support services in a positive environment with caring adults. The NEST Empowerment Center is located in the old Richarte High School (2201 Old Airport Road). STARRY has an office in the building in order to offer counseling and case management. Student hours are Monday - Thursday, after school until bus picks them up at 6:30 or so.  Donations/tours on Fridays 9am – 12pm by appointment. The phone number is 512-943-8056.  

If students have needs outside these hours, they may call our main office at 512-943-5198 or if not available, call 512-818-3283 or 512-819-4200.

Meal providers with questions may contact Bebe Johnson, The NEST Empowerment Center Coordinator, at 512- 943-8056 or email:   Meals need to feed 25.  Delivery time is from 4-5:30 p.m.  The NEST has plates, utensils and drinks. Casseroles, Mexican food and any kind of burgers/sliders are very popular.  Thank you!!

Interested in Volunteering?  Job descriptions for prospective NEST Empowerment Center Volunteers

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For many first generation college students, a college degree is truly a ticket to a different life. Lea Cantu, a 21-year-old Dell Scholar at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, graduated in 2014. Her journey from high school to college has spanned homelessness, depression and hearing loss, and yet she’s persevered. Lea’s grit, determination, and resourcefulness are, perhaps even more than her academic abilities, the qualities that we view as most predictive of students’ ultimate success in completing college and obtaining a degree. more about Lea

Did You Know?

We serve about 100 children and youth each year who meet the definition of homeless or living in transition through the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act. 

School districts are mandated to provide certain services during the school day for students qualified as homeless. But what happens after the bell rings?

The NEST Empowerment Center is located in very close proximity to Georgetown High School and Richarte High School; however, all 9th-12th grade students, Eagles and Patriots alike, who are in need of free resource, have access to services.

The NEST Goals:

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment of dignity and respect during out of school time that encourages a positive view of the future.
  • Provide basic needs and linkages with local resources to stabilize daily life.
  • Provide counseling for family reunification if practical and safe.
  • Provide support services needed to complete high school and prepare for a self-sustaining and healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide opportunities for serving others and for building positive connections with caring adults in the community.

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