Our Foundation - 40 Developmental Assets

The Georgetown Project’s foundation for change is deeply rooted in the 40 Developmental Assets framework of positive youth development. Backed by 50 years of health and prevention research, these 40 supports, opportunities and experiences make a difference in the lives of young people, and help them become caring, capable and resilient young adults. All programs of the organization are designed to build Assets in children and youth.

Because of its basis in youth development, resiliency, and prevention research and its proven effectiveness, the Developmental Assets framework has become one of the most widely used approach to positive youth development in the United States.

Click here for more Search Institute's list of the 40 Developmental Assets

Everyone has a role in youth success. Here's what you can do:

  • Families – can play, talk, read and explore with their child
  • Neighbors – can learn the names of youth in their neighborhood and be interested in their lives
  • Teachers – can make learning engaging and relevant, and have high expectations for all students
  • Schools – can create a positive, inclusive climate for students and families
  • Community Organizations – can provide positive and meaningful opportunities for young people
  • Employers – can encourage school success for teen employment
  • Every adult – can be a good role model
  • Every young person – can support younger children and contribute positively to their community
  • Every community – can hold itself accountable for creating a healthy environment in which every child can succeed

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The NEST pilot summer program builds Assets in Youth